Church family,

This past Sunday I shared with you a picture of what I believe PAC is to be – a disciplemaking community. We reviewed our core values (the foundation on which we operate), mission statement (our purpose and reason for existing), and the vision statement (how we will accomplish the mission). The model was Connecting to God (worship), Connecting to others and the Word (fellowship and discipleship), Connecting to ministry (inside PAC), and Connecting to the World (outside PAC). The objective is to provide a setting where we all become gospel-driven, disciplemaking, followers of Christ! The emphasis is on being who God has called us to be (holy) and doing what He has called us to do (mission). 

As ministry develops and opportunities are presented and offered, I want to encourage you to get involved! Why? We are a body – the body of Christ. We grow best in community!

As a born-again follower of Christ, you are called as an ambassador of the King (2 Cor. 5:19, 20) to be ‘salt and light’ (Matt. 5:13-16). You are on ‘assignment’ every day! Because of the wonderful grace of God – that He calls us His very own, our new identity and hope in Christ fuels us to be who and what He has called us to be!

The question is, are you on board? If you are, praise God! Continue to be and do what God has called you to. If you are not yet on board… confess to the Lord your need to be and do. By faith, trust Him and choose to be involved in the body of Christ. By faith, ask Him to change your heart and give you opportunities to be ‘salt’ and ‘light!’ Ask Him to give you a heart for Him and others… He will do it!

Walking with you,

Pastor Brian