As you well know, your pastor loves to read. Along with always working through a book or two, I enjoy good articles that challenge, expand, and reinforce my thinking. I do want you to know that this is not at the expense of also spending regular time in God’s Word. It is truth and it often refreshes my soul in the craziness of life. But often reading various books and articles gives a different perspective and can expand my knowledge and understanding. Sometimes reading materials I do not completely adhere to will also reinforce and remind me of what I know to be true.

This week I have three articles I would challenge you to take time to read and reflect on:

Lessons from London for a Divided American Church by Joey Tomassoni

How to ‘Disciple’ Your Kids into Church Dropout Status by Jared C. Wilson

An Open Letter to the Hesitant Church-Goer by David Gundersen

In HIS hands,

Pastor Brian