Church family,

In my perusing through news and ministry articles, this one caught my eye – Infographic – How Is Your Phone Changing You?  I wanted to share it with you. I assume many of you would agree with most of what is being said. Sadly I believe the findings of the survey are actually not completely accurate. Why? I believe cell phone ‘idolatry’ is much worse than these findings show.

Have you ever been out to eat and looked at other folks at the tables around you? Have you ever been in a waiting room with others, waiting for your appointment? Have you ever had family over to the house – children, grandchildren, etc.? Interesting how many people are attached to their phone when they are “waiting” or “bored”. Funny thing, I know someone who told his family that they wouldn’t be coming to the family Thanksgiving gathering. When asked, he replied “The past few years there has been more time spent on cell phones when we get together than interacting with family!”

Yes, we have a cell phone addiction. Honestly, it is idolatry. People are not talking face to face as much anymore. Nor are there actual conversations on phones. As a result, one of the consequences has been the lack of genuine relationships. Oh yes, and also the genuine expression of affection to one another.

I could go on, but most of you ‘get this.’ I have personally made some changes in my cell phone ‘behavior’ as well. Let me encourage you to be honest with yourself and make changes as well. We will all be the better for it!

Walking with you,

Pastor Brian