As of August 1st, about 150 people from the area have signed up in support of establishing a LifeWise Academy ministry in Perrysburg Schools. While this is enough to get things moving, we still need many more to sign up in support.

You may ask, “Why are more names needed?” A simple answer is this: having more names shows there is greater interest in this program being established in our schools. Currently, a Steering Committee is being put together here in Perrysburg to begin the process of establishing this ministry. Part of what is needed is to show the school administration that there is wide support for LifeWise Academy. Wouldn’t it be great to have 500, or maybe 1000 names of people to show evidence of community support?

Let me encourage you, if have not already done so, to sign up on the “interest list” to have LifeWise Academy begin in 2023 in our schools. Let’s do our part to help make this a reality by signing the list and encouraging others to do so as well!

Take a moment to check out these LifeWise Academy ministry videos:

LifeWise Academy, This Is Our Future

New Albany LifeWise Academy 

Christian’s Story 

Let’s be a part of changing the children, families, schools, and the future of Perrysburg for the sake of the gospel!

Walking with you,

Pastor Brian