Church family,

As per my normal, I spend regular time reading articles on various ministry websites. Recently, I came across this article – Give Us This Day Our Daily GraceAt first the title caught my eye. As I read through the article, it moved my heart and mind. I reflected with concern, thankfulness, prayerfulness, and sadness. Take time to read it and let it speak to you. Take time to reflect.

Beginning this Sunday, we will begin a new sermon series going through the book of Joshua. I have been reading through it for a few weeks  now. There is much for us to look at and reflect on. It is the story of Joshua and his time as leader of Israel. It is a story of God’s children trying to find their way – birth of a nation. But even more so, it is a story of the grace of God. It is a story of a God who makes and keeps His promises. It may be an Old Testament book, but it is rich with truth for today.

So, feel free to read through and reflect on the truths in Joshua on your own as I preach through this book. You’ll have 12 weeks to let its rich truths impact your heart and mind! Oh, and you will see more clearly what persevering and preserving grace looks like!

Walking with you,

Pastor Brian