Church family,

Last Sunday we began a new sermon series from the book of Joshua. I have called the series, Who Are You Going to Trust? I shared some background on the book and suggested this book has a deeper meaning and significance for us and our Christian life. The book is more than just a collection of stories taken from the history of the nation of Israel…how they settled in the land of Canaan. The story paints the picture of a life surrendered to God… what a life claiming our inheritance in Christ can be.

Everyday we each have choices. Choices make up most of our life. 40 years earlier, under the leadership of Moses, the nation of Israel at Kadesh Barnea was given clear direction from the Lord but refused to obey it. If you remember, Moses had sent 12 spies into the land of Canaan to survey the land. When they returned, 10 of the spies gave an uncertain, fearful report. The people believed the 10 spies instead of the promise of the Lord.

Our Bibles give us the complete story at Kadesh Barnea and perhaps we are puzzled why they didn’t follow the Lord. Well, this is actually a picture of our tendencies as well. Often, the Lord has spoken to us, asking us to do something and we refuse. Sometimes it’s simple life-style, character choices. Other times it’s more tangible choices – whether to do or give something of ourselves to another.

Experiencing the blessings of the Lord has everything to do with trust and obedience. As we go through this series, the question remains, Who Are You Going to Trust?

Walking with you,

Pastor Brian