Church family,

I came upon this quote just moments ago. I had not heard it before, but it caused me some reflection.

 “To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.”

—Martin Luther

A week ago, one of our church members commented to me “This church is definitely a praying church.” As your pastor, I was encouraged to hear this comment. At the same time, we each know that prayer takes great effort. Especially when things seem to be going well in our lives. But think for a moment. If Martin Luther’s words are true, then the urgency of prayer is even greater when things are going well.

It is obvious to most of us that prayer is essential for the Christian. It is even clear that when crisis, hits those who are not followers of Christ call out in prayer. Think about that: often times there is not much difference in the prayer life of those who claim to be followers of Christ and those who do not. We both know to pray in crisis.

To the follower of Christ, prayer should be a normal part of our life – all the time. Try not breathing. You can’t or you will die. Your life depends on it. This brings me to Luther’s point: prayer is essential to the life of a Christian (follower of Christ). Our life in Christ depends on it.

Yes, the comment about our church being a “church of prayer” was encouraging to hear. But I trust that we will never forget that we MUST be a praying church. Our very life depends on it!

Walking with you,

Pastor Brian