Dear Church family,

June is here, and we are looking for a good summer! We have had a taste of August recently, but it looks like a nice week of beautiful weather ahead!

Some reminders:

-During the summer, many in the church family will be traveling – coming and going. Don’t forget to pray for one another. Make sure you stay in touch. Sometimes we lose a little bit of our ‘connectedness’ in the summer.

-Ask the Lord to use you each day. Ask Him to open your eyes to what He has for you, what lives He would have you reach to, and what task needs to be done. Ask Him for the strength and courage to carry these things out as well! He is faithful!

-Don’t forget that this Sunday is Great Commission Sunday. If you have never given to the GCF, let me encourage you to give this week. Designate your gifts to the GCF offering or use the special offering envelopes to do so!

-There will also be opportunities for ministry coming up. There will be some opportunities for Bible study.  There will be some opportunities for fellowship. Choose to be involved, if not for yourself, for the sake of someone else.

Finally, this Sunday I will be sharing in the Sunday worship service, “Looking Through the Pastor’s Lens.” The Lord has been speaking to me about some specific things and has asked me to be sure and share it with you this week. It involves awareness of the world around us and being what God has called us to be as His church. I trust you will make it a priority to come and hear what the Lord has put on my heart.

I trust you have a wonderful week! Remember, that this life we live in Christ “is better” than what the world offers. Let your life show the difference Jesus can make!

Walking with you,

Pastor Brian