Church family,

The new year is but a few days old. In spite of the changes, uncertainty, and turmoil all around us, there is much to rejoice in because of Jesus! We do not go into this year alone. We do not go into any day alone. Praise the Lord for His provision and constant presence with us!

A few days ago, I was reading and came across this prayer that I wanted to share with you – A Gospel-Shaped 2018.

After reading this prayer, five phrases catch my attention:

May it be a year

  • filled with knowing You better
  • boasting in You more robustly
  • serving You more joyfully 

 May intimate fellowship with You seize our hearts.

Our only New Year’s resolution is to believe the gospel more fully and gladly.

What will it take to realize this resolution for you? Consistent time in His Word?

Focused time in prayer? Intentional time with the body of Christ? Maybe a better grasp of the gospel? Let me start by reminding you of this – “the gospel is the power of God.” Maybe spend time this year pursuing the personal understanding of this truth. It starts by choosing to abide in Him. Ask Him to help you understand and walk in the truth of the gospel. Let this be your prayer. It will change your life!

Walking with you,

Pastor Brian