Church family,

In these times of social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. – many people feel they must be “connected to others” and “what’s happening in the world” via the modern mediums. After all, we want to be perceived as “with it” and not still in the last century. Perhaps we are just plain bored and need something to fill our time, so we engage in the social media world. Often we then can get caught up in feeling we have to comment on items, articles, and others posts. Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes not so much.

Let me offer you something to think about. These verses give two pieces of advise… wisdom. Proverbs 8:12,13 (NLT) “I, Wisdom, live together with good judgment. I know where to discover knowledge and discernment. All who fear the LORD will hate evil. Therefore, I hate pride and arrogance, corruption and perverse speech. 

At first, theses verses may appear to conflict, but there is insight to be gained. We must be discreet and practice a deep hate for evil. Often times, whether on social media or in conversations with others, we can be tempted to respond to someone or something that we find questionable. What my mother used to say comes into play here – “think before you speak.” But let me also suggest, that sometimes the better part of wisdom is no response at all. Do we always have to give our ‘two cents’ about something or to someone?

Too many times written things can be misunderstood. Sometimes our comments just add to the conflict and division. I myself am trying to be slower to respond to what some call ‘issues of our day’. Sometimes I have thought to myself, “there’s probably more to the story. Let it play out.” Or “will my comment help or hinder?” I am learning, most things don’t need my comment. Perhaps in wisdom, I should remain quiet.

Many times, we are quick to respond, and words get said that we later regret. Apologies then must be made, but the damage has been done. Let me suggest, sometimes the wise thing to do is to hold the comment. We must hate evil, yep, and there’s an abundance of it around us. Yes, evil is all around, but in many cases a quick, short response doesn’t accomplish anything either.

We live in a world that defines “evil” and what’s right and wrong in many ways. You may find the definitions and opinions on it vary greatly with each person you come into contact with. With that being the case, perhaps weighing in on something isn’t always necessary. Think about what Pastor Chris Nye suggests, “We should consider wisdom and prudence alongside the emotions we feel when we read about injustice. It’s about reading the news and putting our phones down (or other electronic devices) for a second, praying for wisdom, contemplating for a couple of minutes what we have just read.”

Just something for you to think and reflect about on a walk or as you relax on the porch. Sometimes the wise do not always respond.

Walking with you,

Pastor Brian